Sekiya is a restaurant hotel in Beppu Onsen, Oita Prefecture

We have a wide variety of enjoyable high-quality Bungo dishes.  We’re always ready for your call!

Reservation by phone tel.+81-977-23-0414 Reception Time 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM

We insist on providing the freshest and finest Bungo cuisine.

Fish, meat and vegetables are all of excellent quality in that they are carefully selected by our chef.The restaurant at our hotel offers specialty dishes.
Enjoy the refined taste of our mouth-watering Bungo cuisine.

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Ideally located right On Beppu Bay

We have the best view of Beppu Bay. You can enjoy the refreshing sea breezes and smell of ocean as well.
We offer an ideal place to conduct business and hold parties because we are located right in downtown Beppu.
We are a 10-minute walk from Beppu Station, 10 minutes on foot from Beppu Bus Center, and a one-minute walk from Beppu Tower.

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water that comes directly from the hot spring source

Beppu Onsen has the largest hot-water yield in Japan. Our Onsen is Gensen Kakenagashi because we want you to immerse yourself in an abundant quantity of fresh hot spring water.

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Taste of Bungo Food from the Sea

The Bungo Channel separates Oita Prefecture in Kyushu from Ehime Prefecture in Shikoku. Fish from the Bungo Channel are buffeted by the whirlpools generated by warm and cold currents coming together. Our fresh fish are firm and of high quality. To insure freshness, our chef goes to the fish market early each morning to carefully select the seafood to be served that day.

Taste of Bungo Food from the Sea

Taste of Bungo Food from the Mountains

We serve superbly lean and tender Oita Bungo beef fillet. To appreciate the delicacy of the taste of our high-quality ingredients, we recommend that you have your beef stone-roasted and sprinkled with salt. Please enjoy your Bungo meal.

Taste of Bungo Food from the Mountains

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